Preliminary Stage
I recommend a shovel for every person digging with you (try to snag any available family members) and at least one garden fork. The fork is very helpful in attacking the bottom of the bog. Remember to make the sides as vertical as possible. Having too great a slope can result in excess wetting of the bog. Also let me remind you to check every square inch of the excavated hole for sharp objects, such as rocks, glass, and other buried objects.
The bottom liner you will use will be weed or hardware cloth. This is especially useful in areas that may have problems with Voles or Moles. Also It has another use I will discuss in the next steps.

Make sure the cloth comes up and over the edge of you bog. This will help discourage "Varmints" from digging in your bog if you place any netting over it.


Design - Preliminary - Pest Liner - Water Liner - Padding - Fill - Mixing - Planting One - Planting Two - Finished - The Bog: Early Spring 2002 - The Bog: Summer 2002