Conservatory Liner Stage
The next liner you put in will be the one that holds in the peat/sand mixture and preserves moisture in the bog. This plastic can be found in many different places but the best to use is probably pond liner or any thing with comparable thickness. The material will probably have to be weighted down again.
Make sure it is aligned correctly. It shouldn't be a problem to have too much. You can always remove some later.

Next you'll want to slit some holes in the bottom of the bog to allow drainage. Don't be afraid to put a good amount in. Even with drainage peat is very water-retentive.

Now I come back to the other reason you want weed cloth. Nearby the bog is a massive maple tree. It doesn't shade the bog but could send roots out to it. Haven't dug up the bog to see if any roots are sucking up the drainage of my bog but since I cut through a good bunch I suspect that it is. If an adventuresome feeder root had no weed cloth in its way it might (I stress might) find it's way in one of the slits and up into the bog it could dry it out quickly. Even if trees wouldn't or couldn't do that the cloth is necessary.


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