Add your peat and sand evenly throughout the bog. Add a bale of peat and then add an equal (or less depending on your mix) amount of sand. Mix thoroughly.

Water is a necessary component. Without it your bog will overflow with unmixed fluffy peat at the top and all your sand sinking to the bottom. Keep a hose handy so you can add water after each sand/peat addition. Mixing them together will be much easier.

Color When the bog is this wet you may decide to get in and mix things up a bit. Make sure you don't do this when the bog is completely finished and mixed or you may compress the soil to much. Being waterlogged peat already has very little air in it. Compressing it can suffocate the plants.

Design - Preliminary - Pest Liner - Water Liner - Padding - Fill - Mixing - Planting One - Planting Two - Finished - The Bog: Early Spring 2002 - The Bog: Summer 2002