How to make a Carnivorous Plant Bog
Why a Bog? Planting your carnivorous plants in a bog is a sure way to get healthy, hardy, vigorous plants that will flower and multiply prodigiously. CP's (as most refer to them) do better with temperature fluctuations reduced by being in the ground and are able to create a vast network of roots. Plants in pots can be susceptible to frost damage and may need seemingly constant division to keep them alive. Plants in a bog will also be far easier on your water supply, needing little more than just normal rainfall to sustain them. CP's can also fit into the rest of your gardens and water gardens very well. A bog can be situated in almost any area that receives at least 6-8 hours of direct sun each day. CP's are beautiful alongside other plants and with the huge variety of them available they can match any color scheme.

On this page I will show you how to construct your own flesh-eating plant bog.


Design - Preliminary - Pest Liner - Water Liner - Padding - Fill - Mixing - Planting One - Planting Two - Finished - The Bog: Early Spring 2002 - The Bog: Summer 2002