Miscellaneous "Hammered Dulcimers"
16/15 Indian Santoor
This recently constructed Santoor is based on historical instruments. You can see a lot more photosand information here. I now am offering these for sale on a custom order basis. The characteristics would be determine by the customer. The string spacing whether using continuous bridges or chessman style bridges (also shown) would be 1 3/8" The weight would be close to 9.5 lbs.
13/13 Small Cimbalom
This instrument has a redwood soundboard , Cherry frame with ziricote pin panels with padauk bridges and trim. 47" X 25" X 15 1/2" Below is a detail of the upper registers. That was fun to build. I am now offering two models of tsimbl which resembles this instrument in some ways.
If you are interested in cimbalom family instruments, available is a student grade tsimbl
8/2/14/2/11 Travel Chromatic
This instrument is quite small 14 1/4" X 38" X 4" yet has incredible range. The instrument does not have the fullness of tone of my larger instruments but still is quite nice. It has bass notes and accidentals on the left as opposed to my usually placement. This instrument was built on custom order and I would consider building others. Contact me if you would like the tuning scheme and price.
15/14 Soprano
This instrument has a redwood soundboard with a mahogany frame, lacewood pin panels, cocobolo trim and padauk bridges. It is tuned exactly like a standard 15/14 except it is a full octave higher. 33" X 12" X 15" and only 9 lbs.

9/9 Hammered Dulcimer
This particular instrument was designed for Medieval and Renaisance music. It encompasses the lower two thirds of a 12/11, weighs in a 10 lbs and is 38" X 11 1/2" with a 24 1/2" top rail. The instrument above has a cherry frame, natural spruce soundboard, birdseye pin panels with ebony trim and cherry bridges.