Example of 3/16/15/8 Small Chromatic with 1" string spacing
The instrument below is meant to give you an idea of some of the possible combinations of woods. The selected woods could be used on any of my hammered dulcimer models, Linear Chromatics or Tsimbls.

This instrument is just slightly larger then my regular 16/15 with the 1" string spacing. It is akin to my 3/16/18/9 but is smaller with less of a sacrifice of bass response in comparison to the Travel Chromatic. If you want the smallest instrument with the range of 3/16/15/8 then go with my Travel Chromatic with 7/8" string spacing. I am now offering the option of dampers for both these instruments.

This particular instrument has a natural Redwood soundboard, my usual Finn Birch laminated back and Cherry frame, Birdseye Maple pin panels and Cocobolo trim and Walnut bridges. The wooden stop bridge with embedded fret is now standard.