Examples of 3/16/15/8 Travel Chromatics with 7/8" string spacing
The instruments below are meant to give you an idea of some of the possible combinations of woods. The selected woods could be used on any of my hammered dulcimer models, Linear Chromatics or Tsimbls.

This instrument is only 38 1/2" wide, slightly deeper than normal (4 1/2" total) and weighs only 14 lbs. This particular instrument has a black Redwood soundboard and back, mahogany frame, Santos Rosewood pin panels and Padauk trim and bridges. It also utilizes a metal bar instead of a wooden stop bridge for the top 3 courses. A wooden stop bridge with embedded fret is now standard (see below). The treble bridge is at a slight slant on this instrument which is different than all the rest of my dulcimers which have the perpendicular treble bridge. Despite its small size this dulcimer still has nice tone and full chromatic range making it my best option for a light weight travel instrument. If you'd like to hear what it sounds like courtesy of Theresa Gebauer, click here. I am now offering the option of dampers for this instrument. The good looking woman modeling the dulcimer is my wife Karen.


Note: I offer this same tuning layout with 1" string spacing. You can see some photos here.

The instrument below has a mahogany frame, natural redwood soundboard, lacewood pin panels, cherry bridges and curly maple trim.

The instrument below has a lacewood frame, a stained redwood soundboard, lacewood pin panels, cherry bridges and sycamore trim.

Case for Flying
If you have or are purchasing one of the Travel Chromatics with 7/8" string spacing, you may want to check out what Sarah Garland has done to modify a ATA double bow case. It made any excellent case for travelling on a plane Click here