Example of a 4/19/18/8 Custom Hammered Dulcimers
The instrument below is meant to give you an idea of some of the possible combinations of woods. The selected woods could be used on any of my hammered dulcimer models, Linear Chromatics or Tsimbls.
This 4/19/18/8 Custom is a hybrid of my 3/16/18/9 and my 4/19/21/9. Roger Mace, a longtime customer of mine, is always looking for the the elusive perfect dulcimer and had me make this instrument. It has the top end he was looking for both in terms of sound and layout and it has the range but with the more forgiving 1" string spacing. The top five courses on T1 and the four courses on theT2 treble bridge can have either 2 or 3 strings per course. You should be warned that 3 strings per course means more tuning and some difficulty replacing strings especially if you have dampers. The instrument as Roger had me build it only goes down to the low G2 but if you prefer I can make this instrument with the tuning scheme 4/19/18/9 with the 9 courses on the second bass bridge just like the bass bridge on my 3/16/18/9 which drops down to the D2. Click here to see both tuning schemes,

This instrument has a Walnut frame with matching bridges and dampers, natural Redwood soundboard, Curly Maple pin panels and Wenge trim.
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