Hammered Dulcimer Photo Galleries
This Custom 3/16/15/8 has 1" string spacing, a natural Redwood soundboard, Walnut frame and bridges, Cocobolo trim and Birdseye Maple pin panels

Color Photos by Size Instrument
If you are interested in seeing examples of the specific models in color I've located photos of each model with descriptions of their woods on seperate pages (so you can exercise choice and view them only if you wish.) Be aware that what you see is a combination someone else selected and that there are lots of other combinations to choose from. Even if you are just interested in purchasing say a 15/14, go ahead and check out the other sizes as it may give you an idea of what wood combination appeals to you. Wood grain and color vary even within species. Check out my wood section for a look at some of the woods I use. I've also now posted photos of most of the instruments I've built since 2005 by year on Pinterest and an additional collection of custom hammered dulcimer photos on Flickr.