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Used Hammered Dulcimers

The following are listings of my instruments that have come in on trade. Each instrument is given a once over before llsting. Contact me if you have any questions about any of them. If you have one of mine you'd like to sell, here are some tips on selling.I no longer sell used instruments on consignment; only instruments traded in.

I still have one stolen instrument that is still out there. If you see this instrument while shopping elsewhere for one of mine, let me know. Thanks

Used 16/1/5 Student with 1" string spacing. Walnut frame and bridges with the blonde soundboard. In almost new condition except for a few small marks on the back. $600 plus shipping (see photos below)

Used 3/16/18/8 Custom with 7/8" string spacing. #759 built in 1997. Cherry frame and bridges with the natural Redwood soundboard which had a crack, That crack was repaired four years ago and looks fine. Pin panels are Curly Maple with Honduras Rosewood trim. Rear rail has hole that was for a pickup that was removed. I pickup can be installed. Price includes a soft case, t-wrench and your choice of playing hammers. If you are serious about this instrument, I recommend investing in a set of new wound strings. (Installed $45 additional) New this combo would be $1735. $1300 plus shipping