10/14/13 Linear Chromatics tm

This Custom 8/14/13 version of the Linear Chromatic has a cherry frame, laminated back, maple bridges with a natural colored solid mahogany soundboard. In the piano style marking. The instrument's standard configuration is now a 10/14/13

I offer either a Student 10/14/13 LC or a Custom 10/14/13 LC (pictured on this page). This size instrument is meant to be an affordable introduction to the Linear Chromatic as well as an instrument that is smaller and more portable than my full sized LC. All the same design options you would find for any of my Custom dulcimers are available for the Custom 10/14/13 LC. These include the different solid wood soundboards, soundboard color, pin panels, bridge choices and binding (see design page). The Student LC has the same options as my traditional Student models. These instruments have a laminated soundboard. You can read about the various options here.

The instrument does not have a front sound hole but has a sound port in the front rail which acts like a sound hole as well as a hand hold in the back. The size of the instrument is 40 1/2" x 23 1/2" x 14 1/2" and it weighs about 13 lbs yet this instrument has the range of a violin. The 10/14/13 LC can be had with either 7/8" or 1" string spacing and of course you can chose between the two different marking schemes (see below). Read more about the marking schemes here.

Remember my trade-in policy; 75% of what you paid for any instrument and its case can be applied to larger instruments later. There is no time limit on that policy. Your investment is secure.

Tuning Schemes for the 10/14/13 Linear Chromatics
Standard/Diatonic Marking

This Custom 8/14/13 version of the Linear Chromatic has a solid mahogany soundboard with a cherry frame, laminated back, and paduak bridges with the Standard/Diatonic style marking with black and white acetal rod with bronze rod for the extra added accidentals
Piano Marking

This is a Custom 8/14/13 version of the Linear Chromatic. The instrument has a solid mahogany soundboard, cherry frame, laminated back and paduak bridges with the piano style marking