Folk Harps - 23 String Travel
These smaller travel harps are best suited as second harps but of course can give you the taste of harp playing. Ultimately you are going to want to play and learn on a larger harp. Travel harps are certainly nice though when it would be impossible to bring a larger harp. These harps are all solid wood with quality tapered tuning pins, brass bridge pins.

The 23 String Travel Harp is 10 3/4" wide at base of soundboard, 20 1/2" wide and 32" high with a weight of 9 lbs without levers.

The above is an example of a Cherry 23 String Travel Harp with a Redwood soundboard, Sycamore trim and 7 installed levers


This 23 String instrument is of Walnut with a Spruce soundboard and Rosewood trim