Tuning and String Gauge Charts
This list is linked to printable PDFs. This information is important to have when ordering strings. You should make extra copies and place them in a safe place. The price to the right of each string gauge chart is what it would cost you to replace all the strings. Shipping for just a few strings is $3; for complete sets it is $8.

If you want me to completely restring your small hammered dulcimer (12/11, 15/14, 16/15s), add $40 labor, $10 for new acetal, and $40 return shipping to the actual cost of the strings. For the larger instruments (3/16/18/9, LCs, 4/19/21/9s) ad $75 labor, $10 for new acetal and the $40 return shipping. Restringing labor includes removing all old strings, cleaning the instrument, adjusting tuning pin heights, replacing acetal rod, restringing, tuning and reseting the intontation. Any additional repairs not covered by my warranty will entail extra expense. I'd give you an estimate before any additional repairs are undertaken.

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