Hammered Dulcimer Tools and Parts
- Tuning Wrenches
- Tuning Pins/Hitch Pins/Acetal Rod
- Kevlar line for dampers
- Dulcimer Duster
- Damper Parts
- Strings
- String Sets

Tuning Pins/ Hitch Pins/ Acetal Rod
  • 1/8" diameter Acetal Rod (white or black) $1 per ft
  • 1 5/8" long nickel plated hammered dulcimer Tuning Pins
    The top of the square portion of the pin is approximately 1/8" or 4 mm $.40 per
  • 1 1/4" long nickel plated Hitch Pins $.15 per pin

Tuning Wrenches

T-Handle -This is the wrench I supply with new instruments and is the most used of the wrenches. Fits a tuning pin with a square head measuring 1/8" or 4 mm. $16 shipping $3

Color Color

Gooseneck - This wrench gives you a bit more leverage.Fits a tuning pin with a square head measuring 1/8" or 4 mm. $22 shipping $4

Dusty Strings Damper Springsust Brush

Four Springs (two per side) and hardware for you do-it-yourselfers who would like to try to make your own dampers. Included besides the four springs are (4) 10/32 X 3/4" Flat Slotted Bolts for attaching a wooden bar to the threaded insert on the spring and (8) 8 X 1/2 Hex Washer Head Screws to attach the springs to your instrument $80 plus $3 shipping

Damper Pull Down Cord
I use 84 lb test Kevlar line for the string that goes from the damper bar to establish the loop for pull down and the same line in the damper pedal. The cost if you need replacement line is .25 a foot plus $1 shipping
Dust Brush

Chinese Hog Bristle Duster - Over 4" static free bristles in a hand turned hardwood handle. Ideal for stringed instruments, computer keyboards or or any delicate item. $16 shipping $4