Assorted Links
Cutting Boards by James Jones
Quilts and Handwoven Potholders by Karen Nuzzo

Karen, my wife, is an off again on again artist who is currently both teaching art and weaving. She has made some beautiful art quilts and now has some handwoven potholders for sale. Visit her at

James Paul Jones - Art
For those of you who really don't have enough to do, visit by art site dedicated to my past and a little bit of current creative activity.
Building a Bouzouki
If you'd like to view a slide show of how I make my Irish Bouzoukis, click here.
Sitka Spruce Soundboards For Sale
I've got a lot of extra boards I'm looking to sell
Karen Jones
My sister Karen is an excellent fiddler and has been part of the all women's Reel World String Band for over 39 years. She is now performing with another band called TDH4 --the Kentucky Folk Quartet. There are sound samples on the web site.
Christopher Jones Music
Both my brothers Jeff and Christopher are great musicians and songwriters having played with groups and soloing for many of their earlier years. Christopher having successfully pursued a career in languages is now back at it as a musican. Visit his website and if you are in Pittsburgh find out where you can hear him perform.
Garret Nuzzo-Jones
Garret our youngest son used to be an origami fanatic. To see some of his constructions you might want to visit his origami site. He also has a site on How to Build a Bog Site (for carnivorous plants). His photography now dominates his aesthetic attention plus a little mountain and rock climbing.

Goss Nuzzo-Jones

Our oldest son is a talented computer programmer currently doing some very interesting work with Superpedestrian.Com
Musical Instrument Rubber Stamps
As an aside, I've developed some nice rubber stamps of assorted musical instruments using drawings done by local artists.

I get a lot of inquires about historical concert zithers. I hope these links will help you out.

Or you could write to Janet Stessl (editor of the Zither Newsletter)

Janet Stessl, 6173 N. McClellan Ave., Chicago, IL 60646
773-631-2854, telephone
773-631-2379, fax


Mountain Dulcimer Discussion Group
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Bowed Psaltery Discussion Group
Apparently there is a discussion group formed recently to share resources and techniques on the Bowed Psaltery. Check it out at
Central Virginia Woodworkers Guild
For those of you in central Virginia, you might be interested in being involved. We have a range of informative meetings and a fairly active membership.
The Yangqin
An article I wrote on the Yangqin (Chinese Hammered Dulcimer) for Dulcimer Player's News. Includes a rare tuning chart.
The Indian Santoor
Photos of traditional Indian Santoors
Building the Indian Santoor
Photos of a finished Santoor, tuning scheme, string gauges, Photos of building process, dimensions, and drawings of Santoor elements.