Scrap Wood For Sale
Small Scrap
A generous 10 lb box of scrap (which is about 11"X11"X9") can be had for $15 plus $12 shipping
  • I usually have a box sitting next to my bandsaw and radial arm saw in which I throw any little piece of hardwood I think has an interesting shape. There is always a mix of everything from exotic woods to cut offs from hammered dulcimer playing hammers to small chunks of assorted domestic hardwood or finnish birch plywood. What you see above will give you an idea of what is included. While there is some exotic woods none of the pieces are large enough for knife handles and the like. What you see is approximately what you would get. I can't create boxes of just exotic woods for example and I also can't identify the woods for you. You can check out my wood page. The photos there will give you information about most of the woods in the box.

  • They are ideal for small children to create small glued up projects or sculptures; for anyone who just wants a collection of small pieces of wood too nice to just throw away or burn in my stove.

Finnish Birch Plywood Scrap
Another by product of my instrument making is lots of Finnish Birch plywood in either 1/4" pr 3/8" thickness. The 1/4" has 5 plys while the 3/8" has 7 plys. This is quality ply ideal for all sorts of craft projects. I've sold some to boomerang makers.

  • Cost is .75 a generous square foot plus shipping
  • Please specify thickness and amount desired and I'll give you an estimate on the total cost.
  • Add 5% tax if you live in VA

Typical Shapes - width would usually be 12-14 inches, length's vary as do shapes
  • Method of Payment
  • Personal check payable to JAMES JONES INSTRUMENTS
  • If you are in a hurry, I can ship UPS-COD. This method will cost an extra $7. Just e-mail or call indicating the items you'd like and your shipping address.
  • Credit cards use
  • If you have questions please contact me.