Appalachian Dulcimers - Current Stock

The hourglass dulcimer above has a Cedar soundboard, Cherry back and sides and Wenge fingerboard

Sound Sample

Thanks for your interest in my Appalachian Dulcimers.

Through many years experience I've developed designs I feel are beautiful to look at, a pleasure to play, and a joy to listen to.

Customer Comments

- All solid wood construction
- Quality geared guitar tuners
- 6 1/2 and 13 1/2 frets added
- Dimensions are 33 1/2" long, 7 1/2" wide and 2" thick
- A channelled fingerboard
- 26.8" scale length

- 4 strings with a paired melody course
- 0 fret for low comfortable playing action
- Ebony nut and saddle
- Pearl position markers on 3,7,and 10 frets
- Satin Gel Poly Finish
- 5 Year warranty


SHAPE: Teardrop or Hourglass

SOUNDBOARD: Cedar, Redwood, Spruce, Mahogany, Cherry or Walnut (Other woods on request),

BACK, SIDES AND PEGHEAD: Walnut, Cherry or Mahogany are my standard (Other woods on request),

SOUNDHOLES: Fancy heart design is standard

My own design adds $75 to the base price.

TUNERS: Geared guitar tuners and the guitar like head are included in the base price. Stewart-MacDonald Geared Dulcimer Tuners and the more traditional peghead are optional.

CHROMATIC FRETS: I can insert missing frets and turn the dulcimer into a chromatic instrument.


This above instrument has a Mahogany soundboard with my soundhole design, Curly Maple back and sides with Wenge fingerboard, Ebony accents and Stew-Mac tuners
The above instrument is an Hourglass with a Spruce soundboard. fancy heart soundhole designs, Cherry back and sides, Purpleheart fingerboard and guitar geared tuners on a guitar style peghead.
Guitar tuners with guitar like peghead Stewart-MacDonald geared banjo tuners - adds $85
I use a zero fret which guarantees nice low playing action; easy on your fingers. Hitch pins and bridge area
PRICES - current stock

Teardrop or Hourglass......$650
Stew Mac Tuners...............Adds $85
My soundhole design........Adds $75

Chromatic frets....................Adds $100

If I use Curly, Birdseye Maple or an exotic wood for the back and sides, it will add $150 to the base price

Brown Soft case with pocket ... $45 + $12 shipping
Hard Case
........$115 + $20

Larkin's Instructional Book with CD........$25
Set of Strings..................$5*
Electronic Tuners ..........$20

Looking forward to hearing from you,