Building hammered dulcimers, folk harps, bowed psalteries, zithers, octave mandolins , tongue drums, Appalachian dulcimers, guitars and thumb pianos since 1978                                                                                     Click on images for more info


Note:  Because of the recent Coronaviris crisis, my wife and I are isolating ourselves as much as possible so I'd prefer that you not visit my shop.  I'm continuing to work creating stock and pursuing custom orders.  As many of you will be also be sequestered, now is the time to learn to play an instrument.  Let me know if  I can facilitate that goal.  Hope you all stay well!  James

Bowed Psaltery
Thumb Piano
Hammered Dulcimer
Folk Harp
Two Octave Zither Lap Harp
Octave Mandolin
Appalachian Dulcimer

James Jones Instruments

1384 Coltons Mill Rd

Bedford, VA 24523-5259


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