Domestic & International Shipping Charges
for all Instruments and Accessories

Shipping costs are increasingly expensive. In an attempt to be fair to those of you who live closer by, I've changed the way I determine some shipping charges. Most charges will be determined by the zone you live in, the actual or dimensional weight of the package and insurance. These numbers also will give you an approximate idea of how many days your shipment will take.

Note:  If you are shipping an instrument to me, please don't require a signature.


Instructions on shipping your hammered dulcimer or any other instrument. 

  • The prices above are for UPS Ground

  • Contact me to get costs for shipping of harps

  • Multiple small instrument orders are shipped at the same rate as one

  • Other accessories such as scissors stands, small instruments, and cutting boards are shipped free if they can be added into the box of a larger instrument order.

  • For other accessories either get the shipping charge from the page where the item is listed or contact me for a quote. Your shipping charges will be reduced if you purchase multiple items and they can be combined in one box.

  • Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours unless I'm out of stock or I have to build it.

International Shipments

I am able to ship things overseas but you should be aware that it is somewhat expensive. The cost of shipping depends on the instrument and can range from $40 to $800. A zither would cost around $40 to ship while a bowed psaltery runs about $75. I'd be glad to give you a more accurate quote on the shipping. I generally ship via USPS which is the least expensive. This method takes around a week to get there although they have size restrictions so for larger instruments I am forced to use UPS or FedEx which is faster but much more expensive. Paying for instruments can be done using Paypal or credit cards by going to the ordering page. Your order must be paid for before shipment. If you need help on how best to pay for or ship an instrument contact me. I'm gaining experience as I am selling more instruments overseas.


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