Create a list to get a total

1) For your information, list all items (on paper) you'd like to purchase or

2) Print out an order form: 

3) Total up the cost of all items.

4) Add 5.3% sales tax if you live in Virginia.

5) Add shipping costs from chart

6) Send that list or order form to me with a check or pay the total with a credit card or Paypal 

Pay total with a Check

My preferred payment method is a check as it saves me the 3% credit card charge. 

Send your Personal Check payable to
JAMES JONES INSTRUMENTS with an order form to:

James Jones Instruments
1384 Coltons Mill Rd
Bedford, VA 24523

  • Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours unless I'm out of stock or I have to build it.

  • Guaranteed replacement of defective or damaged merchandise. Please return stating the problem.

  • All instruments are guaranteed for 5 years againest defects of material or workmanship.

  • If for some reason you are not satisfied with your instrument you may return it. You have one week to make that decision. Shipping costs are still your responsibility though.

  • If you have questions please contact me.

Pay the Total by Credit Card or PayPal 

Paypal is my processor. You don't have to join Paypal to make a payment.  If you are feeling generous and are paying with a credit card online by clicking the Buy Now button, you can add 3% to your total. 

Paying Without a Fee
If you have a Paypal account, and you trust me, you can pay without incurring any fees by going directly to paypal.com logging in and just sending $ using Paypal "Friends and Family Option". (Don't use the Buy Now button below)


In Paypal:

  1. Click Send & Request at the top of the page.

  2. Enter james@jamesjonesinstruments.com then click Next.

  3. Enter the amount you want to send.

  4. Then instead of "Paying for an item or service" click on Change and select  "Sending to a friend."

  • If you click on the Buy Now graphic, you will be entering the total amount for all your purchases plus 5.3% tax (in VA only) plus the shipping charges into the box Price per item.  Don't type in a $ sign and ignore the Description box.  You can email me itemizing your order. Call 540 586-6319 or e-mail if you need to clarify the total cost or what you are ordering.

  • You can add 3% to your total if you want to contribute to the cost of using a credit card

  • The quantity will be left as 1 then click Continue

  • If using PayPal, enter your password and login

  • To use most Credit Cards, click on Pay with Debit or Credit Card

  • Fill out your name, address, etc

  • Click on Review and Continue, which brings you to the confirmation page

  • Please include your phone number in case I need to contact you.

  • Please send me a separate email confirming what you ordered and paid for including inventory #s.

​Custom Orders

For ordering things that have to be built, send a minimum $200 deposit with a clear description of the options and items you desire. I'll contact you to confirm receipt of your deposit and to indicate how long it will be before completion. The balance will be due when your instrument is finished. I'll contact you via regular or e-mail when your instrument is ready.

International Orders

I am able to ship things overseas but you should be aware that it is somewhat expensive. The cost of shipping depends on the instrument and can range from $50 to $600. A zither would cost around $40 to ship while a bowed psaltery runs about $75. I'd be glad to give you a more accurate quote on the shipping; just send me your full address. I generally ship via First Class International which is the least expensive. This method takes around a week to get there although they have size restrictions so for larger instruments I am forced to use UPS or FedEx which is faster but more expensive. Paying for instruments can be done using paypal or credit cards by clicking the above pay button. Your order must be paid for before shipment. If you need help on how best to pay for or ship an instrument contact me. I'm gaining experience as I am selling more instruments overseas.

International Duty

Be aware that most countries charge duty on instruments purchased in the United States; that includes Canada. You should investigate what percentage you will be libel for and factor that into the cost of the actual instrument.

Hammered Dulcimers:

More specific information on ordering hammered dulcimers can be found here.

Please send all orders to the address below. Thank you for choosing to purchase my hand crafted instruments. 

James Jones Instruments

1384 Coltons Mill Rd

Bedford, VA 24523-5259


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