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Selling your instrument

I no longer can afford to sell used hammered dulcimers on my website unless they are the result of my trade-in policy. I also don't generally buy back instruments.  If you are considering trading up for one of my other dulcimer models, I guarantee 75% of its value assuming it is in decent shape.  You might be able to get more for the instrument by selling it directly through one of these sites.  You'll save the cost of shipping it to me as any purchaser is going to pay that cost.

Here are some suggestions of how you might sell it and for how much.

I usually recommend that if the instrument is in good shape that you sell it for 75-80% of the list price which can be had from my website or your original invoice. You can ask more but you may have to be prepared to negotiate downward. Don't forget to charge shipping. For shipping you should charge $65-$105 depending on how far you have to ship it. For suggestions on shipping, go here. 

The following is a list of places you might try to sell your instrument. Make sure you fully describe what you are selling including, the year made, the materials, accessories and condition. Include at least three good photos: a full frontal shot, a side shot to show the frame and pin panels and a close up of the sound hole design.

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