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Custom 18/17 Tsimbls

Beverly Woods and I have developed this Custom 18/17 Tsimbl to meet the needs of the more advanced players interested in playing Eastern European and Klezmer music. Thanks also go to master Tsimbl player Josh Horowitz for his contributions to the tuning scheme and to Kurt Bjorling who is attributed to developing the split treble bridge.


This Custom 18/17 Tsimbl has a Birdseye Maple frame and matching pin panels, Spruce soundboard (painted black), Santos Rosewood bridges, trim, and dampers.

Tsimbl sound hole design

Size: back rail 50 1/2", front rail 20 1/2", front to back 20" weight without dampers 18 lbs, with dampers 20 lbs. The instrument has 1" string spacing with 3 strings per course on all the treble courses and 2 strings per course on the all bass courses.


The 18/17 Custom Tsimbls are available only in the Custom version. Wood selections would be the same as any of my Custom hammered dulcimers. Go to the main hammered dulcimer page to see the options available. This instrument has 1" string spacing and 3 strings per course on all the treble courses down to the F#4/B3. Dampers can be installed and a sound hole design may be customized. Prices are here


I also make a 13/12 Student Model Tsimbl
Tuning chart Tsimbl
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