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Hammered Dulcimer Prices

Hammered Dulcimer
Visiting my shop

You are always welcome to visit my shop to try out any of my instruments. Just call or send an e-mail  with a date and time you'd like to stop by. Evenings and weekends are possible but obviously need to be scheduled. I do have a small showroom and try to keep the instruments in tune. It helps to specify the size you are interested in. That way I can make sure that size is ready.

Ordering Steps

1) Decide on the size instrument you want and specify the string spacing.

2) Decide whether you'd like a Custom instrument or a Student Model

3) Check to see one of my instruments listed in current stock, either new or used would fit your needs

2) If you decide to order a Custom instrument, select the woods you'd like for the soundboard, frame, pin panels, trim/binding, bridges, and dampers.

3) Decide what soundboard color you'd like

4) Decide whether you'd like a custom sound hole design or one of mine

5) Choose which accessories you are going to need; stand, case, electronic tuner, extra strings, pickup, instructional material, dampers

6) Send your wood choices via email or give me a call to get some feedback as to whether your choices will work together

7) Once you've got your choices made, send an order form with a minimum $200 deposit. The balance will be due when the instrument is complete


All my hammered dulcimers come with your choice of playing hammers, tuning wrench (T-style), a comprehensive owner's manual and a 5 year warranty. More specific ordering information is below this price list.


Prices - Custom Traditional Chromatic and Standard Hammered Dulcimers
  • Custom 4/19/21/10  (7/8" string spacing) ------------$1800

  • Custom 4/19/18/10  (1" string spacing) ---------------$1800

  • Custom 3/16/18/10 (7/8" or 1"string spacing) ------$1700 (7/8") $1800 (1") was 3/16/18/9

  • Custom 3/16/15/8 (1" string spacing) -----------------$1600

  • Custom Travel 3/16/15/8 (7/8" string spacing)-------$1550

  • Custom 3/17/17 (7/8"string spacing) ------------------$1250

  • Custom 16/15  (1" string spacing) ----------------------$1025

  • Custom 16/15 (7/8" string spacing ---------------------$950

  • Custom Travel 3/13/12 (7/8" string spacing) ---------$800

  • Custom 15/14 (7/8" or 1" string spacing) -------------$850 (7/8"), $950 (1")

  • Custom 12/11 (7/8" or 1" string spacing) -------------$650 (7/8"), $750 (1")

Shipping Charges


Prices - Linear Chromatics
  • Custom Linear Chromatic (tm) 10/19/18/8 with either the Standard or Piano style marking (these two marking styles only available for the Linear Chromatics) 7/8" string spacing is $1750, 1" string spacing is $1850. I also am offering a slight variation on this instrument; a 11/19/18/7. 

  • I now also offer the Flipped Custom Linear Chromatic (tm) 7/18/19/11 with either Standard or Piano style marking, 7/8" or 1" string spacing (no extra charge).

  • Custom 10/14/13 Linear Chromatic $1250 (1" or 7/8" string spacing) with either the Standard or Piano style marking

  • Student 10/14/13 Linear Chromatic $950 (1" or 7/8" string spacing) with either the Standard or Piano style marking

Prices - Tsimbls
  • Student 13/12 Tsimbl------------------$725 (1" string spacing)

  • Custom 13/12 Tsimbl -----------------$925 (1" string spacing)

  • Custom 18/17 Tsimbl----------------$1500 (1" string spacing) (more info here)

Prices - Student Model Hammered Dulcimers
  • Student 16/15--------------------------$750 (1" string spacing)

  • Student 15/14--------------------------$650 (1" string spacing) $550 (7/8" string spacing)

  • Student 12/11------------------------- $475 (1" string spacing) $425 (7/8" string spacing)

Shipping Charges


Instrument Options:
  • Special woods on frame (Curly and Birdseye Maple, Ribbon Striped Mahogany, other exotic woods) ---------------$100

  • Premium Redwood for the soundboard......................................$75

  • Special exotic woods on bridges -------------------------------------$50 - $150 depending on the size of the instrument and the wood.

  • Any bridge wood painted black---------------------------------------$35

  • Satin Black, Brown, Maroon, Hunter Green, or Stained Top ---$100

  • Custom Soundhole -------------------------------------------------------$100 

  • Abalone insert in top binding ------------------------------------------$300

  • Abalone rim around sound hole ---------------------------------------$75

  • Dusty Strings Tri-Stander/Flat-stander Support System ---------$385 (price includes installation) + $15 shipping

  • Finished wooden adjustable stand  ------------------------------------ Cherry - $325  Walnut - $355 + shipping

  • Unfinished wooden adjustable stand (Poplar) ----------------------- $240 + shipping

  • Scissors Stands (sit-down or stand-up) -----------------------------------$85 + shipping

  • Commercial Soft Case ------------------------------------------------------$155 + shipping

  • Extra Playing Hammers-------------------------------------------------------$30 + shipping $5

  • Dampers -------------------------------------------------------------------------Style 1 - $450, Style 2 - $275

  • T- Wrench ------------------------------------------------------------------------$22- $5

  • Gooseneck Wrench -----------------------------------------------------------$28 - $5

  • Internal Piezo Pickup w/preamp--------------------------------------------$175 installed


  • Acoustic/Electric Conversion - Installation of strip magnetic pickups and replacement of all phosphor bronze solid and wound strings with steel and stainless steel wound on a 10/19/18/8 LC would add $975 to the base cost of the instrument. Contact me for other size dulcimers.

Other Hammered Dulcimer Accessories

It is difficult to get away with just buying an instrument. You need a stand, a case, instructional material and maybe an electronic tuner to help you deal with tuning all those strings. Click on accessories for a linked list to what I have available. If you have any other recommendations as to what else I should carry let me know. If it can be shipped with the instrument, shipping is free.

Trade in policy

All instruments purchased from me may be traded in on larger instruments. I allow 75% of what you paid for the instrument and your case towards a larger hammer dulcimer. I only allow the 75% to the original purchaser of the instrument. Trading your dulcimer in towards other instruments is not guaranteed but sometimes possible. If you want to trade one in, let me know what you'd like to order, your intention to trade-in and of course the $200 deposit. I'll ship you your new instrument and you can send the old one back in the same box.

Ordering Information

All instruments will be ready in 10/12 weeks after receipt of a $200 non-refundable deposit (unless notified otherwise). The balance is due before shipment via insured UPS. The deposit is required before work begins. Checks are payable to James Jones Instruments. I prefer checks or money orders. I can accept credit card payments although I would just as soon not share my profits with banks. It costs me 3%. All orders are confirmed by regular or e-mail. If you are seriously interested in one of my hammer dulcimers and have questions please e-mail or call (540) 586-6319, weekends and early evenings are OK. If you don't get a response from email please try again as sometimes my junk mail filter might get you.

If you don't see a configuration that fits your needs please contact me. I am a custom builder and am able to modify existing models or create whole new ones. Many of you are interested in photos of the process of building your instrument. I appreciate the desire but I'm a one man shop usually working on multiple instruments at once. I'm lucky if I can keep up with just the instrument making much less trying to take photos of each one and get them to you so please don't ask.

I try to have some completed or nearly completed instruments on hand for immediate purchase. Check out my listings of current stock which can be accessed through each instrument's page.


I also guarantee satisfaction. Customer Comments If for some reason you are not satisfied with your instrument you may return it for either a refund or I'll make you another instrument. You are just liable for the shipping charges. You have one week to make that determination.


I would enjoy working with you to provide the quality musical instrument you are seeking.

International Shipping

I can ship instruments anywhere in the world as long as you are willing to pay the extra for shipping. There are 3 options for shipping. The United States Postal Service is slow (6-10 days) but the least expensive. The Postal Service will work for the smaller hammered dulcimers up to my 16/15 with 1" string spacing. With current rates the Postal Service would charge around $200 to Europe but has a maximum of $650 insurance. UPS, and FedEx are more expensive but faster. My larger dulcimers  have to be shipped via UPS or FedEx. The cost depends on the size of the box but can be as much as $800. Email me with your shipping address and the size instrument you are interested in to get a better estimate as to shipping costs. What I usually do is bill you for what I project the cost will be and than communicate with you later if the actual cost was more or less. I do expect that all shipping charges will be paid by the purchaser. Do be prepared for the extra cost of duties in your country. 

Currently the easiest method of payment for overseas purchases is through my ordering page using either Paypal or credit card payments. Your order must be paid for before shipment. If you need help sorting out how to pay, contact me. I'm gaining experience as I am selling more instruments overseas these days. Remember the dollar is weak so my instruments are probably a good deal even with high shipping costs.


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