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The Acoustic/Electric Hammered Dulcimer

A video of my cat and I demonstrating and describing the acoustic/electric hammered dulcimer

Acoustic/Electric Comparison - James Jones
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This sound clip is just me playing all the notes on all the bridges of the Linear Chromatic; first acoustically then with magnetic pickups and a sound system. You hopefully will be able to compare tonality.

James Jones Linear Chromatic Hammered Dulcimer

A 7/19/18/9 Electric Linear Chromatic with three installed magnetic pickups

This hammered dulcimer has been transformed into an acoustic/electric dulcimer with a semi-permanent installation of strip humbucking magnetic pickups sized for the instrument. These pickups will not feedback and will not pick up ambient vibrations. They only read the movement of steel strings exactly like an electric guitar. All three pickups are raised by shims to the optimum height and then attached to the soundboard with brass screws. Shielded cables from each pickup are run internally to a small transformer and ultimately to a 1/4" phone jack for connection to a board, amp and speakers. Unfortunately to move in this direction, it will cost you and you'll have a few extra holes drilled into the top of your instrument. Installation of the three strip humbucking magnetic pickups and replacement of all phosphor bronze solid and wound strings with steel and stainless steel wound strings on a 10/19/18/8 LC would add $975 to the cost of the instrument. Contact me for other size dulcimers

Designing An Electric Hammered Dulcimer 

If you'd like to read a little more about the process of developing this dulcimer, visit my blog.

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