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All available finished dulcimers can be seen through the photo galleries below.  Click on the first photo to view full screen. When specifying a particular instrument, don't forget to include the inventory #.  Contact me to reserve a dulcimer. I will hold an instrument until I receive a check which is my preferred method of payment.


Below the galleries, there is a list of dulcimers that are nearly done which means I will need to spend some more time to complete the instrument. I often bring instruments to a point and than get other work and won't finish them until somebody actually puts a deposit down. Some of them don't have sound hole designs, so they can be customized. E-mail or call me if you have questions on what you are considering.  I can't provide photos of nearly done instruments (unless it just lacks strings). Don't forget about accessories.

Visiting my shop

You are always welcome to visit my shop to try out any of my instruments. Just call or send an E-mail with a date and time you'd like to stop by. Evenings and weekends are possible but obviously need to be scheduled. I do have a small showroom and try to keep the instruments tuned and ready. It helps to specify the type and size instrument you are interested in prior to your visit. 

Custom Orders

If you don't see something here that fits your needs please contact me for a custom order. Make sure you visit my Custom Design Page to get help making selections. The price is usually the same. The only difference is you will have to wait a little longer as I'll need to start from scratch.

Available Dulcimers

Click on a photo to view an instrument full screen with its description.

Student Hammered Dulcimers 

75% of their value can be used to trade for larger instruments later.

Used HDs

Used Hammered Dulcimers

Nearly completed HDs

Nearly Completed Dulcimers 

You can customize  some of these dulcimers with your own sound hole design. 

3/16/15/8 Custom #14 (sold)

This 3/16/15/8 Custom with 1" string spacing has a rare Cuban Mahogany frame that was salvaged from a monastery door in upstate  NY.  Has Leopardwood pin panels. The soundboard is Cedar made black or brown with Curly Maple trim.  The bridges could be Cherry or Maple. A sound hole design has not been installed. A maroon colored soft case is available. $1750 Nearly Complete

4/19/18/9 Custom #16 

This 4/19/18/9 Custom with 1" string spacing has a Mahogany frame with Curly Mahogany pin panels. The soundboard is Cedar painted black with Cardinal wood trim.  The bridges are also Cardinal wood . A sound hole design has not been installed.   The dulcimer is $1975.  Nearly Complete 

10/19/18/8 Custom Linear Chromatic  #11

This dulcimer has 7/8" string spacing with the Piano markings.  It has a Cherry frame with Cedar soundboard painted black. The  pin panels are of Leopardwood with the trim being Curly Maple.  The bridges are Cherry. This dulcimer is $1850.  Nearly Complete.   I have a quality Coon Hollow Case available for this instrument for $275.  


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