Hammered Dulcimer Accessories

Since I make more hammered dulcimers than anything else, I try to offer a selection of hammered dulcimer related accessories. It is difficult to get away with just buying an instrument. You need a stand, a case, instructional material and maybe an electronic tuner to help you deal with tuning all those strings. There are many more links to informational pages located here. The photos are linked to what I have available. 

Instrument Care & FAQ
Adjustable, Scissors, Tri and Flat Standers
Soft Cases & Covers
Music Stand
Tools and Parts
Wrenches, Electronic Tuners, Damper Springs, Kevlar Cord, Tuning & Hitch Pins, Acetal Rod
Electronic Tuner
Learning, Building, Info
Playing Hammers
Dust Brush
Flight Cases
Electric/Acoustic HD
Tuning PDFs
All HDs, String Gauges,
String Sets with prices
HD Single Strings
HD String Sets
Replacing Strings
Selling your dulcimer
Air Travel
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