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Hammered Dulcimer String sets

Tuning and String Gauge Charts

The following string sets are what I use for my dulcimers.  If  you are looking for a string set for another builder's dulcimer, you will have to piece together a set based on your string gauge chart that came with your dulcimer or  you will have to reconstruct that chart by using a micrometer to measure the size of the wires.  All dulcimers are different.


Each model's listing below is linked to a printable PDF which includes the tuning scheme and string gauges.  You need this information for tuning, ordering individual strings and a complete profile of the string set you would be purchasing. I have discontinued the use of Phosphor-Bronze strings on new dulcimer. That is reflected in the string gauge charts linked to below. You should make a copy of your Tuning and String Gauge Chart and always keep one with your dulcimer. Keep a permanent file on your computer. 

All strings come with loop ends. Only order a complete set if you feel that your strings are so corroded that they can't be cleaned up with a light grade of sandpaper. I don't recommend purchasing a complete set unless you plan on replacing all your strings. Most often you will just want some spares; usually the higher ones. If you need just a few strings, click here.

Restringing your dulcimer

If you want me to completely restring your dulcimer, the cost would be:

  • Small Hammered Dulcimers (12/11, 15/14, 16/15s) add $75 labor, $10 for new acetal, and return shipping to the actual cost of the strings. 

  • Large dulcimers (3/16/18/9, LCs, 4/19/21/9s) add $125 labor, $10 for new acetal and the return shipping to the actual cost of the strings.

Restringing labor includes removing all old strings, cleaning the instrument, adjusting tuning pin heights, replacing acetal rod, restringing, tuning and resetting the intonation. Any additional repairs not covered by my warranty will entail extra expense. I'd give you an estimate before any additional repairs are undertaken.

If you want to do it yourself, you'll save some $ but it will take some time.   You'll find instructions here.

James Jones Dulcimer String Sets (all loop ends) - Add $8 for shipping of any set.

Note: The Tuning and String Gauge Charts are linked to the following string set listings.

Note:  If you don't see your model of dulcimer in this list, contact me

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