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 Hammered Dulcimer Strings

 Ordering Individual Strings (Steel, Phosphor Bronze and Extra Long Wound)
  • Please refer to your tuning/string gauge chart to get the diameters. If you need strings for other instruments, include the diameter and actual length needed.  

  • Create a list and add shipping (see below). If you have one of my instruments, email your order and I'll just bill you.

  • If you aren't sure what you need, get a micrometer which measures small diameters and recreate a string gauge chart or a list.

  • Complete sets of strings with prices are on the tuning/string gauge chart page.

  • Pay the total through my Ordering Page or send a check with your order.

Shipping of strings
  • 1-3 strings $2 shipping

  • 4-20 strings $6 shipping

  • Complete sets of strings $8 shipping

Steel $1.25 per string (with loop end)

Note: I can supply just plain wire (with no loop ends) but only in lengths 10' or less, the cost is .25 cents a ft.  If you need more than 10', it would come in increments of that amount.

  • #4/0 or .006 actual diameter

  • #2/0 or .008

  • #0 or .009

  • #1 or .010

  • #2 or .011

  • #3 or .012

  • #4 or .013 

  • #5 or .014

  • #6 or .016 

  • #7 or .018

  • #8 or .020 

  • #9 or .022

  • #10 or .024

  • #11 or .026

Phosphor-Bronze $1.75 per string (with loop end)

Note:  I will be slowly phasing out the use of these strings. I still have some stock and will sell this material until it is gone You can substitute a .026 wound strings for a Phosphor - Bronze course but replace both strings in the course.

  • 23PB or .0226

  • 22PB or .0253

20 - 80 Brass Extra Long Wound Strings $2 each (with loop end)

Specify the gauge you'd like. Most of the core wire for these strings is 51" long with the wrapped portion being 48". On the lighter gauge wire the wrap is usually shorter. If length of core and wrap are critical, contact me to get specifics for the gauges you are interested in.

  • .026

  • .028

  • .030

  • .032

  • .036

  • .038

  • .040

  • .045

  • .050

  • .055

  • .060

All strings have loop ends unless you specify continuous wire.

Restringing your dulcimer

If you want me to completely restring your dulcimer, the cost would be:

  • Small Hammered Dulcimers (12/11, 15/14, 16/15s) add $75 labor, $10 for new acetal, and return shipping to the actual cost of the strings. 

  • Large dulcimers (3/16/18/9, LCs, 4/19/21/9s) add $125 labor, $10 for new acetal and the return shipping to the actual cost of the strings.

Restringing labor includes removing all old strings, cleaning the instrument, adjusting tuning pin heights, replacing acetal rod, restringing, tuning and resetting the intonation. Any additional repairs not covered by my warranty will entail extra expense. I'd give you an estimate before any additional repairs are undertaken.

If you want to do it yourself, you'll save some $ but it will take some time.  You'll be buying a set here You'll find instructions here.

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