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assorted links - family


I'm gradually trying to move back to doing more art.  I do have a website dedicated to my past work and a new project in which I create what I call PhotoQuilts. Click on the photo to go see what I'm doing.  Prints are available.  

Three Males and Me.jpg

Karen, my wife, is an off again on again artist who is currently both teaching art and weaving. She has made some beautiful art quilts and occasionally has some hand woven potholders for sale. Click on the image to see more. 


Garret is our youngest. An avid climber, hiker and outdoorsman who is now working for the Dept of Forestry in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He is also quite the photographer. Click on the image to see some of his work. 

Goss Nuzzo-Jones & Shauni Deshmukh

Our oldest has always wanted to work with computers. He has become a talented software engineer currently doing some very interesting work with Superpedestrian. His wife Shauni is also a programmer blazing the trail for women in the field. She works as lead engineer for Tettra.

Christopher Jones Music

Both my brothers Jeff and Christopher are great musicians and songwriters having played with groups and soloing for many of their earlier years. Christopher having successfully pursued a career in languages is now back at it as a musician. Check out his website and if you are in Pittsburgh find out where you can hear him perform. He has got a bunch of CDs available.

Jeffery L. Jones - Composer

My younger brother Jeff, having recently retired, has started to do some serious composing of contemporary music.  He’s got a website and a Youtube channel where you can hear what he is doing.  Click on the image to visit him. 

Karen Jones & Bev Futrell

My sister Karen is an excellent fiddler and she and her partner Bev Futrell had been part of the all women's Reel World String Band for over 40 years. She is now performing with another band called TDH4 - the Kentucky Folk Quartet. There are sound samples on their web site.

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