Thumb Pianos

This Thumb Piano has a Koa top with Cherry back and sides and Cherry bridge

Influenced by African traditional designs, my octave and a half 11 tone Thumb Pianos are easy to play. Individual tones are produced by your thumbs pressing down on different lengths of spring steel. Their size is approximately 6" X 9" X 2". I currently offer most of my Thumb Pianos as Sopranos tuned to the key of G. The range is G3 to C5.  C4 is middle C. Occasionally I'll have a deeper tuning available in the key of Eb although any of the pianos can be changed to either key.

Soprano Thumb Piano - Unknown Artist
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Key of Eb Thumb Piano - Unknown Artist
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Two vibrato holes are located on each side of the Piano. Tuning can be adjusted by moving the metal pieces forward or back. The pianos can be very effectively amplified by installing my film piezo pickup inside the instrument with a jack on the back rail.  This pickup is installed when building the thumb piano so you'd have to order a custom instrument if you wanted the pickup.

This instrument is rhythmic, often used in combination with percussion instruments. I recommend having some fingernail on your thumbs for the best sound.  You can play melodies but that is not its strength. African musician Kinobe demonstrates how it can be used in combination with voice in this video. 


All Thumb Pianos regardless of the woods are $68 plus $14 shipping

Installed pickup adds $75.

Soft case $16


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