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Dulcimer Music Stands

Hammered dulcimer music stand
Hammered dulcimer music stand

These stands are well designed to allow your music to be displayed at a comfortable reading height for playing. Great for dulcimer workshops. There are two basic configurations available; with a paddle or with brackets.that attach to the instrument. 


If you are using a standard adjustable or scissors stand, the 8" X  17" wide paddle is trapped between dulcimer and stand. The weight of the dulcimer holds it in place. The 10" X 17" (above the wood lip) white masonite upright fits into either the paddle or brackets and of course supports your music.  The angle of the music support is fully adjustable.  

Hammered dulcimer music stand

Paddle Option

Hammered dulcimer music stand

Brackets Option

If you are using a Tri or Flat- Stander, you'll want to get Attached Brackets Option. This option is clamped to the instrument by tightening the two plastic threaded knobs.  It can easily be removed and placed on a different dulcimer. There is padding on the faces so you won't hurt your instrument. It opens to the maximum of 3 1/4" with a minimum of 1 3/4". Weight  of the upright with either the Paddle or Attached brackets option is 2 lbs.

Price for the Music stand with your choice of Paddle Option or Attached Brackets Option and the 17" upright 

$65 Shipping $15

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