Hammered Dulcimer Playing Hammers

Price for all hammers is $30 a set regardless of the style. Please specify wood, Maple, Cherry or Walnut, and Model type. Shipping is $5

Model H1 

This is my most popular double sided set of playing hammers; hard surface on one side, leather covered surface on the other. The H1 is most suitable for instruments with 7/8" string spacing but can be used on other string spacings as well. I use a variety of woods for the handles. The shaft and heads can be walnut, cherry or maple. Maple is heaviest, cherry next with walnut being the lightest weight. (see photos below). Please specify your preference when ordering.

All hammers are about 8 1/2" long with a handle that is 1/2" wide. I can make them shorter or longer on special order

Model H2

The H2 double sided hammers have the same grip but have a head that is a flatter shape for those of you who want more hitting surface. These are more suitable for instruments with 1" string spacing  although H1 works perfectly fine on that string spacing. Available in walnut, cherry, and maple. 

Model L1

This is Lucille Reilly's recommended single sided hammers. Notice the thicker grip. They are available in walnut, cherry, and maple. Leather can be added.

Model L2

This hammer is very much like Lucille's but the grip is thinner.

Price for all hammers is $30 a set regardless of the style. Please specify wood and Model type. Shipping is $5

Ordering Information or just send me a check

Need a custom pair of hammers? Send dimensions and I'll try and create them. $38 Shipping $5