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Hammered Dulcimer Playing Hammers

The price for any set of hammers below is $30 regardless of the style.  When ordering please specify the shaft/head wood you prefer; Maple, Cherry or Walnut and the Model type. Maple hammers are the heaviest, Cherry next with Walnut being the lightest in weight. The handle profile of the all my double sided hammers is the same. The handle woods will vary. All my double sided hammers have a hard surface on one side with leather covered surface on the other.  All hammers are about 8 1/2" long with a handle that is 1/2" wide. I can make them shorter or longer on special order (an extra $8). Shipping is $5

Model H3 (Photo below)

These double sided hammers have a head that is slightly heavier than my H1 but with a flatter shape for those of you who want a bit more hitting surface. These are suitable for all dulcimers and have become one of my most popular hammers.

H3 group.jpeg
Model H1
These playing hammers have a tighter striking radius and are best suited to dulcimers with two strings per course and tighter string spacings.
H1 group.jpg
Model H2

The H2 double sided hammers have the same grip but have a head that is a flatter shape (the same as the H3s) for those of you who want more hitting surface.  The heads are larger then the H3s. These are suitable for instruments with 1" or larger string spacing.  

H2 group.jpg
Model L1

Some people still prefer single sided playing hammers so I continue offering them. Leather can be added

L1 group.jpg
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