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Student Tsimbls

13/12 Student Tsimbl

Beverly Woods and I developed this relatively small Student version of the Chromatic Tsimbl to provide a less expensive alternative to my Custom models and limited availability of imported instruments. The instrument has either a cherry or walnut frame with matching bridges with a Finnish Birch laminated soundboard and back with a hand hole in the back. The instrument shown below has a natural soundboard. I can make the soundboard black for greater string visibility if desired (adds $100 to the cost of the instrument). The instrument comes standard with 1" string spacing with 3 strings per course on all treble courses and 2 strings per course on the bass bridges. Its weight is about 10 lbs. Size is 43" X 15 1/2"

I can make this 13/12 in a Custom version if you'd like a small instrument with the characteristics of my Custom hammered dulcimers. You would return to the main hammered dulcimer page and make wood selections. I haven't yet built a Custom version of this size so I don't have photos. Soundhole designs could be customized as well.

I am now offering a professional version Tsimbl; a Custom 18/17 Tsimbl.

Student Tsimbl

13 /12 Tsimbl with a natural birch soundboard

Student Tsimbl

13 /12 Tsimbl with a black soundboard

Student Tsimbl
Tuning chart Student Tsimbl
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