20 String Zithers - Current Stock

I don't make many of these larger zithers but like to occasionally have them available. You should note that there are no tune cards associated with this zither and I don't have cases.
My 20 stringed zithers are all solid wood construction. The highest note on this instrument is G6, the lowest B3 (see tuning sheet). This instrument can be tuned in either the Key of G (shown on tuning chart) or in the Key of D or C.  To change to the Key of D, raise all Cs to C#s.  To tune to C change all the F#s to Fs. Its size is 17" X 9" X 2 1/4" Weight 2 1/2 lbs

The photo gallery below shows what I currently have available. Each row of thumbnail photos is a different zither showing the front, back and side.  Clicking on the thumbnail will give you a full size photo and wood description. At the bottom of page, click on show more to see additional stock.  Let me know which zither you'd like by the inventory #. Return to the thumbnails by closing the window.  What you see is what you will get. Thanks for looking!

$120 plus $14 shipping

The price includes a gooseneck tuning wrench, an owner's manual/tuning chart and a pick.
Note: This is not connected to a shopping cart. You can pay the total through my ordering page or send a check.

20 String Zither
Current Stock -  Click on Thumbnail to see larger photos and get more info

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