Folk Harps - Current Stock

#1  23 String Travel Harp

This more portable harp is of Cherry with a Redwood soundboard. Trim is Lacewood.  Ready for shipment.


Price without levers would be $950.

#2  30 String Celtic Harp

This harp has a Cherry neck, pillar and body with Spruce soundboard and Cocobolo trim. The stand/legs are detachable.


$1900 Complete and available The levers have not been installed.  Comes with levers on Cs and Fs for the price but more levers can be installed

#5 36 String Folk Harp

This harp has a Cherry body, neck and pillar, and a Redwood soundboard with Bocote trim. This instrument has the Dusty Strings style threaded tuning and bridge pins. It has relatively short fixed attached feet which bring this instrument up to a comfortable playing height. A full set of Loveland levers are installed. This harp initially had some neck problems so I made a new neck (thus the color difference). It will eventually become all the same color as the cherry ages and the neck should be problem free. I'm selling this harp at a discount because of the work done. I still offer a 5 year warranty. 


Price $3200 with full set of sharping levers. 

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