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Piezo Sensor Specs

  • Featherlight

  • Flexible - conforms to instrument

  • Non-resonant

  • Flat response beyond the range of hearing

  • High output

  • Low noise

  • Wide dynamic range

  • Low output impedance

  • High sensitivity

  • Easy installation, easily moved for optimum placement


Description from Manufacturer

Piezoelectric Fluoropolymer Film, or Piezo Film for short, is an enabling sensor technology with unique capabilities. Piezo Film produces voltage in proportional response to compressive or tensile mechanical stress or strain. Successful applications have been developed across a vast dynamic range from sensing nanostrains to measuring explosive-level forces (Mbar). Piezo Film’s stress constant (voltage output per stress input) is about 10 times higher than other piezoelectric materials such as ceramics and quartz. It makes a highly reliable vibration sensor.

Conversely, Piezo Film undergoes a proportional change in dimension under the influence of an applied electric field at frequencies from DC to 100 MHz. This property, as well as the film’s low impedance, makes Piezo ideally suited for high fidelity transducers operating throughout the high audio (>1KHz) and ultrasonic (up to 100MHz) ranges. 

Piezo Film is compliant, yet robust. It is thin, with low weight and low mass, so it doesn’t attenuate vibrations in the material to which it is attached. 

Piezo pickup
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