Bowed Psaltery Accessories

Soft Bowed Psaltery Case (Two Sizes) $45 plus $15 shipping (no shipping charge if ordered with a psaltery)

This dark green soft carrying case is available for my Alto Bowed Psaltery and instruments of similar size 26" x 9" x 1 3/4" (2 3/4" with pins). The case has handles, shoulder strap and an external pocket for accessories with a separate sleeve dedicated for the bow. Only in the dark green. If you plan on moving the instrument about, I highly recommend you get a case. For the same price I have almost identical cases for the Soprano Bowed Psaltery 22" x 81/2" x 1 3/4" (with pins 2 1/2"). The only difference is the Soprano case is black and and has a small logo of a mountain on one end.


I do offer a rectangular semi-hard case with an exterior pocket which will work just fine for my Baritone Bowed Psalteries.  This case actually has enough size to accomodate both a Baritone and either the Alto or Soprano Bowed Psaltery.

Bowed Psaltery Stand $15 plus $14 shipping 

These stands are for displaying your instrument and setting them while on stage as you perform. These are designed for my psalteries but will fit other instruments. There are two sizes; the smaller Soprano is 7 1/2" wide in front with the distance inside of the lip 1 3/4" to the upright back while the larger Alto is 9" wide and a 2 1/8" gap inside. 

Bowed Psaltery Bow $25 plus $5 shipping 

My bows are made of walnut, cherry or maple (shown), are 17" long and strung with genuine horsehair. My bows are not adjustable. I no longer replace hair in old bows. With shipping It is about the same price to just buy another new bow. 

T Wrench $18 - $5 shipping 

Bowed Psaltery Rosin

$3 shipping $4

Small Gooseneck  $8 - $5 shipping 

Extra Tuning Wrench

Your Bowed Psaltery comes with the T-handle tuning wrench but you may need to replace the one that got lost or you want a spare. Both of them fit a tuning pin with a square head measuring .16 inches.

Snark ST-8 HZ Clip-on Chromatic Tuner : 
$20 plus $5 shipping
  • Super accurate, chromatic clip-on tuner with Hertz-tuning mode

  • Vibration-sensing 

  • Easy-to-read, rotating color display makes it easy to see when you've hit the sweet spot on each note

  • Rubber-padded, spring-loaded clip securely attaches to a headstock or pins

  • Pitch can be calibrated from 415 to 466Hz

Bowed Psaltery Tripod Platform  $40 for the Alto or Soprano size. $50 for a Baritone platform plus $15 shipping (no shipping charge if ordered with a psaltery)

This platform enables you to support the instrument for playing with two bows. There is 1/4"/20 threaded insert in the back which fits all tripods. A connector comes with any tripod you buy.  It is a quick connect (see photo) that is normally attached to a camera but you would attach it to the platform. The quick connect enables the platform to be "attached" to the tripod. There are also three plastic standoffs which protect the back of the instrument as well as let it contribute to the tone. The hardwood edge keeps the instrument from falling off.  The outside height of the lip is 1" with about 5/16" of lip to hold the psaltery on the stand.  If your psaltery needs a higher lip, specify that when you order.

If you'd like me to make a platform that fits your unique bowed psaltery, send an outline of your instrument on a piece of newspaper plus a check for $55 (If you live in VA, add 5.3%). I suggest send an outline even if you if already own one of my psalteries.

This photo shows the quick connect that would be screwed into the threaded insert on the back of your platform. You can just leave this quick connect attached to the platform. This enables you to quickly attach the platform to the tripod. Almost all tripods have quick connect pads. If you still want to use your tripod for a camera, just buy an extra quick connect pad.

Bowed Psaltery Internal Pickup

The pickup includes a 1/4" phono input connected to the same film piezo pickup I use on my hammered dulcimers. The pickup is installed without a internal pre-amp. It will work but the signal is improved if used with an external pre-amp (not included). The jack is located on the left side of the instrument for right hand players. It can be reversed if you are left handed. I only install these pickups on instruments I make to order.  $75 installed

The Bowed Psaltery Handbook 
by Kendra Ward and Bob Bence $21 plus $5 shipping 

The Bowed Psaltery Handbook is a complete instruction method designed to help beginning bowed psaltery players master this wonderful instrument!

The Bowed Psaltery Handbook includes: Bowed Psaltery History, Playing Tips, Frequently Asked Questions, Music Theory, How to Hold the Instrument, Playing Scales, and Playing Basic Melodies, and a repertoire section with six Christmas songs, six Hymns, and six folk and traditional classics! There is even a section on Playing Back-up! Each lesson builds on the lessons that proceed it, and makes it easy to master the fundamentals!

Including the "Repertoire" section, The Bowed Psaltery Handbook includes over 30 songs for you to play! 

Extra Strings  - .15 cents a ft (specify sizes below)
  • #1 (.010) wire 

  • #2 (.011) wire 

  • #3 (.012) wire 

  • Enough wire to completely restring a Soprano - $8 plus $2 shipping

  • To completely restring an Alto - $10 plus $2 shipping