Bowed Psalteries - Current Stock

I make three sizes of bowed psalteries; the Soprano, Alto and the Baritone. Each section below has photos of what I currently have available.  Some of the Altos have more decorative woods in the frame which affects the price slightly.. When specifying a particular instrument, don't forget to include the inventory #. 


Note:  If you require a left handed psaltery, there is not extra charge but you will have to order it.

Included with each psaltery
  • An Owner's Manual

  • Tuning and String gauge chart

  • Horsehair bow

  • Rosin

  • Extra wire

  • Tuning Wrench

  • A  soft case adds $45

Click on the first image to view all photos full screen and read the description/Price

 Soprano Bowed Psalteries (two octaves) $200
Custom Bowed Psalteries

If you don't see the exact psaltery you'd like, I can make any size psaltery custom in your choice of woods. If you have me build a custom instrument using my sound holes designs  (the star or comet) or just a simple circular hole, the cost is the same as I normally charge. I can also make them left handed at no extra charge.  You just have to wait a bit longer. If you want an individualized custom  sound hole design, special woods and or a unique tuning scheme, visit my Custom Bowed Psaltery Page.  Custom instruments usually take 2-3 weeks. 

Note: Baritone Bowed Psalteries are only built to custom order. 

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