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Bowed Psalteries - Current Stock

I am introducing two new types of bowed psalteries; the Alto (C6-G3) and the Baritone (C6-C3).  I offer both models with either 3/4” or 7/8” pin spacing. These new models have all wound strings which gives you considerably more body in the tone.  I am also continuing to offer my Classic Altos which have the wider 1" pin spacing and all steel strings.  Below are photos of what I currently have available.  Some of the psalteries have more decorative woods which affects the price slightly. Contact me to reserve a particular bowed psaltery. Don't forget to include the inventory #.  I will hold the instrument until I receive a check, which is my preferred method of payment, or you can pay through my ordering page. E-mail  or call me if you have questions on what you are considering.  Don't forget about cases and accessories.


Visiting my shop

You are always welcome to visit my shop to try out any of my instruments. Just call or send an E-mail with a date and time you'd like to stop by. Evenings and weekends are possible but obviously need to be scheduled. I do have a small showroom and try to keep the instruments tuned and ready. It helps to specify the type and size instrument you are interested in prior to your visit. 

Custom Orders

If you don't see the exact psaltery you'd like, I can make any size psaltery custom in your choice of woods. If you have me build a custom instrument using my sound holes designs  (the star or comet) or just a simple circular hole, the cost is the same as I normally charge. I can also make them left handed at no extra charge.  You just have to wait a bit longer. If you want an individualized custom  sound hole design and special woods, visit my Custom Bowed Psaltery Page.  Custom instruments usually take 3-4 weeks. 

Note: Baritone Bowed Psalteries are usually only built to custom order. 

Included with each psaltery
  • An Owner's Manual

  • Tuning and String gauge chart

  • 15" horsehair bow 

  • Note:  If you already have a bow that you like, deduct $30 from the price of any of my bowed psalteries.

  • Rosin

  • Small Gooseneck Tuning Wrench

  • A  soft case adds $45

Click on a photo to view an instrument full screen with its description.

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