Zither/Lap Harp Accessories

Zither Case $16 plus $6 shipping 

Nothing fancy but this clam shell case of red canvas does the job. This case has a quality zipper, handle and a compartment for your pick and tuning wrench. There is room enough to store your tune cards behind the zither.  The case will fit most other lap harps and my thumb pianos. Size is 14 1/2" X 10" .

Zither Stand $15 plus $12 shipping 

Designed to hold the instrument in a upright position which means you can leave the instrument on display. This instrument has a redwood soundboard and the star like soundhole design. Wood used for the face plate will vary.

Snark ST-8 HZ Clip-on Chromatic Tuner :
  • Super accurate, chromatic clip-on tuner with Hertz-tuning mode

  • Vibration-sensing 

  • Easy-to-read, rotating color display makes it easy to see when you've hit the sweet spot on each note

  • Rubber-padded, spring-loaded clip securely attaches to a headstock or pins

  • Pitch can be calibrated from 415 to 466Hz

    $20 plus $5 shipping

Extra Tuning Wrench

The instrument comes with the small flat tuning wrench (the one pictured on the right) but you may need to replace the one that got lost, you want a spare or you want to upgrade. All of them fit a tuning pin with a square head measuring .16 inches.

Flat Wrench $3 - $4 shipping 

Small Gooseneck $8 plus $5 shipping
T-Handle $18 plus $5 shipping
Extra Strings
  • a set of spare strings $5 plus $2 shipping 

Extra Picks
  • $1 a piece plus $1 shipping

Zither Study Guide 

I've put together a two page PDF geared to teachers who would like to use the zither as a short lesson in the anatomy of a musical instrument, woods, and acoustics. You are welcome to download this and modify it for your needs and reproduce it as long as you give me credit. Download it here

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