Zither/Lap Harp Accessories

Zither Case  This padded case features durable heavy duty nylon interior with black Cordura exterior.  Its logo has been blackened to make it less obvious.  It sports a shoulder strap and front pocket for your tuning wrench and pick. There is plenty of extra room inside the case for your tune cards. The inside dimensions are 8 inches at the top, 15 1/2 inches at the bottom and 8 1/4 inches from top to bottom. Fits most  other lap harps as well.  $25 plus $6 shipping (no shipping charge if purchased with a zither) 

Zither Stand $15 plus $14 shipping 

Designed to hold the instrument in a upright position which means you can leave the instrument on display. This instrument has a redwood soundboard and the star like soundhole design. Wood used for the face plate will vary.

Snark ST-8 HZ Clip-on Chromatic Tuner :
  • Super accurate, chromatic clip-on tuner with Hertz-tuning mode

  • Vibration-sensing 

  • Easy-to-read, rotating color display makes it easy to see when you've hit the sweet spot on each note

  • Rubber-padded, spring-loaded clip securely attaches to a headstock or pins

  • Pitch can be calibrated from 415 to 466Hz

    $20 plus $5 shipping

Extra Flat Tuning Wrench

This is the wrench that normally comes with you zither. The wrench fits a tuning pin with a square head measuring .16 inches.

Flat Wrench $3 - $5 shipping 

Small Gooseneck Tuning Wrench
If you'd like to upgrade your zither's tuning wrench, add $8 to your order. No shipping charge if shipped with a zither.
$8 plus $5 shipping 
T-Handle Tuning Wrench
$18 plus $5 shipping
String Set for your James Jones Zither 
  • Includes all the string and instructions necessary to completely restring your zither.  $9 with free shipping

Generic String set for your Lap Harp
  • Includes a set of strings and instructions for most other brands of lap harps.  $9 with free shipping

Extra Picks
  • $1 a piece plus $1 shipping

Zither Study Guide 

I've put together a two page PDF geared to teachers who would like to use the zither as a short lesson in the anatomy of a musical instrument, woods, and acoustics. You are welcome to download this and modify it for your needs and reproduce it as long as you give me credit. Download it here